Jungle Cat : Untold Stories of Savana!


What you may mistake as grasslands can actually be a little being using those grasslands as their perfect hide-out. Zooming past in cars can make you miss what you look for most. On our second ride towards evening, our first target was to try for jungle cats, hyenas, wolves as they are most active either in wee hours of morning or late evening. We must have missed it completely had it not been for the expert eyes of our guide. Barely 10 seconds in hand to focus & click what we saw turned out to be difficult yet adventurous. She posed, walked, played to our tunes only later when we were able to disguise our presence making for a joyous sighting.


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Model Canon 5D Mark III

Lens Canon 100-400mm

Focal Length 400mm

Shutter Speed 1/1600s

Aperture F/5.6

ISO 1250

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