Leopard Sighting, Bera, Rajasthan


The majestic leopard tells us about its versatile and adaptive nature throughout the plains of Bera. The landscape proves to us that not only can these predators survive in the dense forests but can hugely be adaptable to rocky plains.

Another challenge of this plain for these leopards is that there is no natural prey for them to hunt and survive, so they feed on stray cattle and sometimes stray dogs from the nearby villages proving to us again how quickly these mammals can learn and survive in any condition provided to them.

A must visit place for all wildlife lovers.


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Model Canon 550D

Lens Canon 100-400mm Ultrasonic

Focal Length 350mm

Shutter Speed 1/50sec

Aperture f5.6

ISO 1600

Taken At Sat, Dec 6, 2014 1:50 AM

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