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Shooting Waterfalls:

While taking photographs of a waterfall, you can decide to either freeze the motion of the water or capture the ongoing motion of the water, as I have done in this photograph. (Captured the ongoing motion).

I have stated before, I prefer using the AV mode because it helps me in controlling the F stop and ISO, and the camera decides the shutter speed based on these settings in order to get the perfect composition given that the evaluative metering is at 0.

I put my F stop to 22 (this would decrease the light entering my camera), put ISO on 100 and the shutter speed came down to 5 seconds, as decided by camera.

Since the exposure is now prolonged (5 seconds), the shutter would close for 5 seconds in order to take a photograph. This would capture the ongoing motion of the water (movement in 5 seconds) creating a mystical image.

In order to click an image like this you can follow these simple steps:

1) Ensure you have a tripod (you will need it to ensure that your camera does not move during the prolonged exposure)

2) Recommended but not necessary a wide-angle lens (anywhere between 10mm and 80mm), this will help you in capturing a wider angle.

3) Take a few test shots to get your composition right.

4) EXPERIMENT as much as you can in order to learn,(that's how I learn), especially since it is in the field. You don't have enough time to experiment while clicking wildlife but you do have enough time while taking landscape photographs..

Shot using a tripod.

Location : Jasper National Park, Canada


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Suyash Keshari

Suyash Keshari 2014-11-01T03:12:49+0000

Thank you


Hemant Masurkar

Hemant Masurkar 2014-10-16T22:44:20+0000



Sanjay Ojha

Sanjay Ojha 2014-10-16T15:23:05+0000

Wonderful capture, Your description made me to learn something question




Model Canon 5D MK II

Lens Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5

Focal Length Focal 15 mm

Shutter Speed Exposure- 5 seconds

Aperture f/22

ISO 100

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