Tiger, Up close and Personal


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Here's a close up of the same Tiger that was on my last post.

I spoke about how it is necessary to decide either to take a habitat shot or a close up.

Your shot depends on a few things:

1) Positioning and distance of your vehicle as well as your subject..

2) Equipment (mostly lens)

3) Background and foreground (some backdrops and foregrounds create a mystical effect, while some create a vibrant effect)

Location: Near Shravan Tal, Kanha Zone, Kanha National Park


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Sanjay Ojha

Sanjay Ojha 2014-10-16T15:21:13+0000

Awesome pic, Comparing to previous image Tigress look larger, may be the angle. Great tips in description as well.




Model Canon 5D Mark II

Lens Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 L I

Focal Length Focal 300

Shutter Speed 1/800 (Eval -1/3 stop)

Aperture f/5.6

ISO ISO- 250

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