Tiger and Habitat


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Tiger and Habitat

(closeup tomorrow)

Once you spot something on a safari, you should make clear decisions whether to take a habitat shot or a close up.

In this case I decided to take a habitat shot because the orange light as well as the shades created a good contrast and I was too far to take a close up given the equipment I was using. The lush greenery complemented the photograph. I was patient and my patience was surely awarded when the Tiger looked back.

Later I was able to get some close ups, as the Tiger started walking head on towards our jeep.

Patience, quick decision making and composition are thumb rules to wildlife photography.


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Sanjay Ojha

Sanjay Ojha 2014-10-16T15:19:35+0000

Wonderful capture, Specially with habitat and nice description question




Model Canon 5D Mark II

Lens Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 L IS

Focal Length 100

Shutter Speed 1/640 (-1/3 stop)

Aperture f/5.0

ISO ISO- 250

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Sanjay Ojha

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