Parakeets belong to the parrot family and the word "parakeet" means long tail. They are small to medium sized parrots with long, tapered tail feathers rather than having the stockier bodies and more square-shaped tails found on larger parrots.

These colorful, graceful birds are full of energy. Being flock birds, parakeets are very social with each other and with people. They love attention, make wonderful pets, and are some of the most popular pet birds. There are many different types of parakeets and many are very colorful. The Budgie or Budgerigar, which is called "Parakeet" in the United States, is one of the best-known parakeets. However it is just of more than 120 species and sub-species.


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Ralph Patzel

Ralph Patzel 2014-10-14T19:06:51+0000

Very nice shot, Gajanan. Would like to remove that bright branch in the background.
Thanks for the detailed description!

Gajanan Bapat

Gajanan Bapat 2014-10-14T23:35:04+0000

Thanks for comments, you are right, if we remove that branch the snap is more graceful, but I am while PP, always I was trying minimum PP, which is more like me, snap as it is which i shoot, ok thanks



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