The Himalayan marmot is a marmot found in the Himalayan regions ranging in elevation from 300 to 4,500 metres (980 to 14,760 ft). They can be seen in a wide arc from Ladakh in northern India eastwards across the higher reaches of the Himalayas and much of Tibet to Nepal, Bhutan, and Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India. They are about the size of a large housecat, and live in colonies. Marmota himalayana is closely related to the woodchuck, the hoary marmot and the yellow-bellied marmot. It has a dark chocolate-brown coat with contrasting yellow patches on its face and chest.


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Ralph Patzel

Ralph Patzel 2014-10-12T17:05:50+0000

Very nice! Thanks for showing and for the good description

Gajanan Bapat

Gajanan Bapat 2014-10-12T21:53:00+0000

Thanks for comments Take Care




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