Eurasian Jackdaw


The Jackdaw (Corvus monedula), sometimes known as the Eurasian Jackdaw, is a dark-plumaged passerine bird in the crow family. It is found across Europe, western Asia and North Africa, and four subspecies are recognised. At 34–39 cm in length, it is one of the smallest species in Corvus, the genus of crows and ravens. It is a black-plumaged bird with grey nape and distinctive white irises. It is an omnivorous and opportunistic feeder, and eats a wide variety of plant material and invertebrates, as well as food waste from urban areas. The Jackdaw has benefited from clearing of forested areas and is found in farmland and urban areas, as well as open wooded areas and coastal cliffs. The diet of the Jackdaw mainly consists of seeds, insects, carrion, fruit and young birds or eggs. For most of the year they will live in mixed flocks. At the start of the breeding season, they will pair and these pairs tend to stay in colonies. The nests are built in chimneys or in holes. They will vary the amount of nesting material according to their nest site. They may occasionally use the nests of other birds. The female will lay up to six eggs in April and she will incubate theses for seventeen days. The chicks will then leave the safety of their nest a further four weeks later.


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Ralph Patzel

Ralph Patzel 2014-10-11T16:06:22+0000

Very good, Gajanan. And thank you for the detailed description!

Gajanan Bapat

Gajanan Bapat 2014-10-12T00:17:43+0000

Thanks for comments keep in touch take care ..


Sanjay Ojha

Sanjay Ojha 2014-10-11T15:38:11+0000

Awesome shot and the description made it superb

Gajanan Bapat

Gajanan Bapat 2014-10-12T00:17:57+0000

Thanks for comments




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