Lion cubs in a row



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Abhimanyu Sharma

Abhimanyu Sharma 2014-11-08T01:56:10+0000

Brilliant word.. stunning


Arun Sengupta

Arun Sengupta 2014-10-08T07:52:29+0000

@anita - wow wow wow wow... that is such a cute and perfect moment to capture ... awesome click question I was going to ask the same thing ... but I got my answer in your reply to Bhanu's comment question


Liora Levin

Liora Levin 2014-10-08T00:55:35+0000

amazing picture!


Anita Baert

Anita Baert 2014-10-07T13:19:03+0000

Hi Bhanu...this was a pride with 3 females, these cubs and a grumpy male...the male had been in a fight and wasn't feeling too good... here the cubs saw the male coming towards them and as one dropped onto the road surface where they had been playing..this is Kruger and there are a few tarred roads...thanks for the interest...

Sanjay Ojha

Sanjay Ojha 2014-10-08T01:25:28+0000

Thanks for this info. This shows how smart the cubs are, they know when to hide, when to play and what to do.


Bhanu Devgan

Bhanu Devgan 2014-10-07T13:03:18+0000

Adorable...... how come they are sitting in a line, and that too on whats looks like a road?

Lovely capture.





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